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view up a wooden staircase, weathered wood view up a wooden staircase, weathered wood view up a wooden staircase, weathered wood

Op Walcheren II

#photography #Oostkapelle

kite and grey clouds dunes, grass and copses of windswept oak more oak

Op Walcheren I

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sign to the beach pavilion De Piraat Oostkapelle Beach loads of gulls on this beach

The lighthouse at Ouddorp

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lighthouse in the dunes near Ouddorp, the path wends towards the lighthouse on the horizon, forest to the right

Visiting Zierikzee IV

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on the way to the Oude Haven rich peoples town house 1 rich peoples to we n house II

Visiting Zierikzee III

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Street scene street scene market place with church and beurse

Visiting Zierikzee II

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street scene more street scenes the tower photo bombing another innocent street scene

Visiting Zierikzee I

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Map of Shouwen-Duiveland Monstertoren - what remains of the gothic main church Classicist church, which replaced the burned down gothic one

Rotterdam - a day trip III

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Kubus woningen Kubus woningenKubus woningen

Rotterdam - a day trip II

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rare old building between modern skyscrapers view toward Laurenskerk view out of the Markthal

Rotterdam - a day trip I

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Portuguese cafe in Delfshaven interesting facade in Delfshaven a city park with a fountain

Sun set over water

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sun set over Port Zélande Marina sun set over Port Zélande Marina 10 minutes later

Met vliegers op het strand

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beach, dramatic sky, kite surfing in the background @tigerlilly ‘s new kite sailing on the beach

Middleburg market & streets

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Middleburg townhall seen across the market b/w picture of fruit stall Middleburg cityhall b/w picture of cheese mongers stall side view of Middleburg city hall on the left


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Kitesurfer before Zeeland Kitesurfer at Brouwersdam, Zeeland

Should have tried this 20 years ago :-)

rippled, dried beach

Idiots that we are we, visited a late Roman hill fortification near Zell (Mosel), the Alteburg

It was only 2 km, with half going uphill (duh, hill fort), but it also was 34C

The fort never commanded vistas, it’s off the Moselle overlooking a minor, narrow side valley. Today it is in the middle of a forrest, and if there were no signage you’d pass it by.

But it’s on the way, so to speak, to one of our favourite spots on the bank of the Moselle.

Wooded hill with signage explaining the site and a QR code to load a virtual tour prepared by the University of Trier

Stones, possibly antique

trees, there are a lot of trees

'twas bloody hot

Location: Dill
Height: 354,8
Coordinates: 49,91 - 7,35


Dill is a small village in the south-eastern corner of the Hunsrück. It sits below a castle and huddles on one side of the castle hill.

Friends are part of the organising committee (as seems half the village), so, off we went into the wild (such as it is).

The market is on two, closed off, roads. The stalls huddle between the houses to leave the road (narrow) for emergency access.

Gauckler juggles with swords

Medieval village church

In a meadow below the village lies the Heerlager

Medieval campground

Knights watching the tourney

Knights tourneying

A trip to the Hohe Venn, Hautes Fagnes

Hautes Fagnes

As ever the Hohe Venn is a cool trip, easy and fast to reach from Cologne.

This time we were staying in Eupen. Which, apart from being a very nice town, is also a bit of a surreal experience. The architecture is an odd mix of the Wallonian with Gründerzeit. Culturally Rhenian / Wallonian, there is eg Karneval, signage is German/French, beers are Belgian and German. The language comfortingly Ripuarian (or, of course, many (most) are also comfortable in French).

Eupen city center, blue sky, street cafe with umbrellas in the shade of the evening sun

Another street cafe in Eupen, church in the background

We spent three days, with short lazy hikes starting at the Signal de Botrange, Mont Rigi and Baraque Michel

Road leading to the Signal de Botrange in the Hautes Fagnes-Eifel / Hohen Venn

View of the fen

Path through the fen

Passed through Monschau on the way back. Monschau had been our quarters on previous trips.

10/10, will go again

#HohesVenn #HautesFagnes

Saturday trip

The months of May/June bring a pleasingly high concentration of public holidays. We are starting the long Pfingstwochenende with a visit to Spectaculum

I’ve been there a few times since I started working in Boppard. Kids loved it. Shot some nice photos.

Nowadays, of course, they’re to grownup (23 & 26)

So the parents are going alone.

Just looked at some of the pictures from the last visit, it was more than a decade ago

This year seems a lot less lively, but it is the first one since 2018. Fewer stands, fewer participants, fewer visitors. But still good.

Medieval fair, sunny day

Live music on stage, German bagpipes, lute, harp, Schlüsselfiedel

Pork products and some (vegan) veggies for lunch

Medieval tand, does it need to be busier

Washer women

#spectaculum #MedievalFair

On our travel - Lüneburg Heath

Easter Monday we set out on a trip to Lüneburg Heath, that was supposed to be four days of cycling. That though, is not what happened.

Two days of rain

Our trip started with two days of rain, interrupted by hail, and, much more rarely, a little sunshine. Plans were changed and adapted and we started with two days of Lüneburg.

Thanks to going basically broke at the right time the city is very well preserved with most of the medieval buildings intact.

The first day was spent exploring the city and dodging hail. Following a meandering course around the city and taking in some great examples of Backstein Gothik. The second day was spent in the Deutsche Salzmuseum and the Museum Lüneburg.

View of the town hall St Nicolai, seen through an alley View of the St Michaelis close, here was the school Johann Sebastian Bach attended Crooked alley with medieval houses Magnificent stepped gables on a tiled facade

Apart from being a major trading centre for salt, Lüneburg sits on quite a lot of salt, the city also queried and exported gypsum. The Kalkberg Kalkberg, view of the ancient quary is said to have been 10 times larger originally and was quarried for almost 1000 years.

The evening of the second day closed with a well deserved rainbow Rainbow behind beech trees.

Two days without rain

Two good trips across the heath, one starting in Bispingen and climbing the Wilseder Berg. The heath is interrupted by a lot of pine and beech forrests. The ideal time to visit is apparently August, when the heath is in bloom. But even without the bloom there are some magnificent views.

Wind bowed pines on heath View over the heath with some rare sun Heath and trees Moss covered beech Bikes enjoying a rest


#schmetterlinge #papillon #farfalla #butterfly

Pictures from a visit in the Eifalia Schmetterlingsgarten a few years back. Worth a visit.



Brass factory sign, polished, some cleaner left

Couch upgraded with my daughter. Pipe insulation, T-profile, wooden shelve. Home engineering. 📷 #mbmar…

Pancake recipe

I needed (read that as wanted) to make a lot of pancakes, I also wanted to use some buckwheat in the recipe

This is what I came up with after some research in my notes and the internet

350 g wheat flour (450) 150 g buckwheat flour 1 l of milk (3,5% fat) 8 medium eggs

The batter was rested for about 2 hours before baking

Worked and tested great

Stack of delicious pancakes on a plate

#Pancake #Recipe