No 20.2021 #sourdough return of the rise

No 19.2021 #sourdough this time the rise didn’t come

No 17.2021 #sourdough

No 16.2021 #sourdough

No 15.2021 #sourdough

No 14.2021 #sourdough

No 12.2021 #sourdough - last time the cust was VERY crusty, so baked a big shorter this time.

No 11.2021 - #sourdough

No 10.2021 #sourdough - need to work on that rise, otherwise tasty

No 9.2021 #sourdough is quite different. The difference started with me grabbing the wrong organic wholemeal flour in the supermarket. Wheat instead of rye.

  • it is much easier to clean wheat starter off utensils
  • the rasise of the starter was the same
  • mixing the dough, basically no difference
  • kneading the dough, very different. My bread has 600 g of flour, of which 100 g are in the starter. With only 100 g of rye the dough remains liquidy. The whole wheat version comes together as a “ball”

Colour and texture of the crust were also different. But that might have been my impatience which shortened fermentation.

Taste is great though.


#sourdough has done its thing

sourdough starter

Focaccia - not a #sourdough, but pre-fermented over night in the fridge.


No 08.2021 #sourdough

No 7.2021 - a bit smaller rise, didn’t refresh last week, but very tasty #sourdough

Liking the crumb of no 6.2021 #sourdough

No 6.2021 #sourdough

No 5.2021

Another #sourdough

I let the dough ferment at about 35 C in the oven

Update on No 3.2021.

Quite good crust and open crumb. The crust was quite a bit thinner than on the #sourdough, the crumb a lot softer.

Good loaf though.

First outing of the new #sourdough starter. No 4.2021

New #sourdough starter is active. It has done its thing and dough has been mixed.

While I’m starting a new #sourdough starter, I did a „normal“ loaf. Looks good. Now need to let it cool to see what the long (12 h outside around 1-2 C, then another 12 h in the kitchen) ferment did for the taste. No 3.2021

Had to start a „normal“ bread while I start the new #sourdough. Will let the dough ferment outside (ca 2 C) until tonight.

For some unknown reason my #sourdough (organic rye) fell ill. The colour turned reddish, the smell went strange. No change in method I’m aware of. Started a new one.

No. 2.2021


No 1.2021

I wonder what I need to do for more consistency? Otherwise, a nice #sourdough loaf.

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