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New camera

Over the last few years, basically since the iPhone XS, I took a lot of pictures with just the phone and “neglected” the big camera.

So, when we went on our cruise around the Baltic a little while back, my big camera came out of my bag at the last moment and stayed home.

Overall, the right decision. Again I took some great pictures on the iPhone and was happy not to lug the big camera around.

But, there were few times, when the “reach” of the iPhone just wasn’t enough to capture the detail, or to compress the view. And I started thinking about the middle ground between an iPhone and the big camera.

A quick look at my bank account showed that, again, this was clearly not the time to buy a M10, expecially, since, while the camera is smaller than a DSLR, I wouldn’t want to carry around several different lenses.

This also excluded mirror less system cameras and really left me with only 3 cameras to choose from:

  • SONY RX100 VII
  • LUMIX LX100 II

Another downside of iPhone photography, the lack of a view finder, eliminated, for me, the CANON.

Which through a combination of pricing, reviews and availability led me to the LX100 II

At the moment it is really difficult to find any of these cameras in stores or online.

Anyway, now the happy owner of a LX100 II, which does what it should.