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Going fast #spelt #sourdough

No 38.2021 #spelt #sourdough

No 37.2021 #spelt #sourdough - was a bit over proofed

#spelt #sourdough ready to bake

No. 36.2021 #sourdough

No 35.2021 #spelt #sourdough

Nordfriesland 3

Nordfriesland 2

Location: Friedrichstadt
Height: 1,8
Coordinates: 54,37 - 9,09


#wattenmeer #waddenzee

Location: Sankt Peter-Ording
Height: 5
Coordinates: 54,31 - 8,61

Location: Ehrenbreitstein
Height: 181,6
Coordinates: 50,37 - 7,62

Location: Boppard
Height: 70,5
Coordinates: 50,23 - 7,59

No 35.2021 #spelt #sourdough

My starter didn’t like the break, less rise than usual. Hydration looking better. Still likes to break at odd places. Smells good though.

Location: Mannheim
Height: 104,8
Coordinates: 49,48 - 8,46

Location: Hitdorf
Height: 41,9
Coordinates: 51,06 - 6,92

Location: Leverkusen
Height: 49,2
Coordinates: 51,03 - 6,97

No 34.2021 #spelt #sourdough

Location: Schloss Türnich
Height: 85
Coordinates: 50,86 - 6,74

No 33.2021

#spelt #sourdough


I dropped the hydration in my spelt #sourdough recipe from 75%, which yielded an extremely wet dough, to 56%

This is probably to dry, but I’ll up it by 5% points each dough until I arrive at the “optimum”

#spelt #sourdough #recipe

Haus Orr Renovations

Tag des offenen Denkmals 2021

In beautiful sunshine we cycled to the two closest monuments.

First to Haus Arff, a maison des pleisances from the 1750. We have passed it quite often but had never been inside.

Until 2013 it was a private residence and is now an event location.

chappel off Schloss Arff

Then we cycled to Haus Orr. Until quite recently this had been in ruins. In a first preservation effort in 1986 the floor of the upper level was removed and a new roof installed. In 2010 it was renovated and now also is an event location.

New first floor and staircase Haus OrrHaus Orr, renovation


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