Location: Ehrenbreitstein
Height: 181,6
Coordinates: 50,37 - 7,62

Location: Boppard
Height: 70,5
Coordinates: 50,23 - 7,59

No 35.2021 #spelt #sourdough

My starter didn’t like the break, less rise than usual. Hydration looking better. Still likes to break at odd places. Smells good though.

Location: Mannheim
Height: 104,8
Coordinates: 49,48 - 8,46

Location: Hitdorf
Height: 41,9
Coordinates: 51,06 - 6,92

Location: Leverkusen
Height: 49,2
Coordinates: 51,03 - 6,97

No 34.2021 #spelt #sourdough

Location: Schloss Türnich
Height: 85
Coordinates: 50,86 - 6,74

No 33.2021

#spelt #sourdough


I dropped the hydration in my spelt #sourdough recipe from 75%, which yielded an extremely wet dough, to 56%

This is probably to dry, but I’ll up it by 5% points each dough until I arrive at the “optimum”

#spelt #sourdough #recipe

Haus Orr Renovations

Tag des offenen Denkmals 2021

In beautiful sunshine we cycled to the two closest monuments.

First to Haus Arff, a maison des pleisances from the 1750. We have passed it quite often but had never been inside.

Until 2013 it was a private residence and is now an event location.

chappel off Schloss Arff

Then we cycled to Haus Orr. Until quite recently this had been in ruins. In a first preservation effort in 1986 the floor of the upper level was removed and a new roof installed. In 2010 it was renovated and now also is an event location.

New first floor and staircase Haus OrrHaus Orr, renovation


Location: Haus Orr
Height: 46,3
Coordinates: 51,01 - 6,83

Location: Haus Arff
Height: 43,7
Coordinates: 51,05 - 6,82

No 32.2021 #sourdough #spelt

Abtei Tholey

From 634, though today’s buildings seem more baroque and gothic.

Closed by Napoleon in 1793, though, probably, not personally it was reopened in 1947.

Oldest monastery in Germany.

Location: Saarschleife
Height: 382
Coordinates: 49,5 - 6,54

Location: Tholey
Height: 142,3
Coordinates: 50,19 - 7,47

Location: Eckmühle
Height: 142,3
Coordinates: 50,19 - 7,47

Freilichtmuseum Lindlar

Rope makers shop

Freilichtmuseum Lindlar

Nice museum, focussing on the Bergische Land area.

Location: Lindlar
Height: 198,4
Coordinates: 51,01 - 7,36

No 31.2021 #sourdough #spelt


Location: Aschaffenburg
Height: 138 m
Coordinates: 49.97 - 9.14

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