Location: Oberwesel
Height: 85,9
Coordinates: 50,11 - 7,73

Saturday trip

The months of May/June bring a pleasingly high concentration of public holidays. We are starting the long Pfingstwochenende with a visit to Spectaculum

I’ve been there a few times since I started working in Boppard. Kids loved it. Shot some nice photos.

Nowadays, of course, they’re to grownup (23 & 26)

So the parents are going alone.

Just looked at some of the pictures from the last visit, it was more than a decade ago

This year seems a lot less lively, but it is the first one since 2018. Fewer stands, fewer participants, fewer visitors. But still good.

Medieval fair, sunny day

Live music on stage, German bagpipes, lute, harp, Schlüsselfiedel

Pork products and some (vegan) veggies for lunch

Medieval tand, does it need to be busier

Washer women

#spectaculum #MedievalFair

Lemon Dill Labneh



  • Labneh from 500 g of Greek/Turkish yoghurt
  • 1/2 Amalfi lemon
  • 1/2 bunch of dill
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Make labneh from the yoghurt. Put yoghurt on a paper towel in a kitchen sieve in a bowl, and let the wey run out over night.

In a mini blender blend the lemon, dill, garlic, salt and pepper.

Mix into the labneh

Location: Lunke (Longerich)
Height: 45,1
Coordinates: 51 - 6,9

Some thoughts on the Schwebebahn



In no particular order.

Clearly parking cars are not an issue. Punctuality is mostly self inflicted, as the tracks can’t be blocked.

A takt of 2 - 4 minutes makes a timetable irrelevant. Assuming this train noonish on a Saturday is typical and not full of tourists, adoption seems good.

Schwebebahn tracks in Vohwinkel

Vohwinkel station, Schwebebahn making the turn

Of course the trains tilt a bit in the curves, quite good for 1901.

Choosing the course of the river for the tracks must have simplified obtaining right of way immensely. It was also the perfect way to join towns whose only communality was being situated on the river into one city, even though that only came in 1929.

Schwebebahn entering Oberbarmen depot Schwebebahn

Interesting how shopping has changed at the two ends of the line, especially the Oberbarmen side. Fruit&veg, ethnic supermarkets, Döner shops, barbers, low end mobile phone repair.

The fashionable shopping has contracted into the middle with the pedestrian zone and to the internet.

The Schwebebahn highlights the development because it is the main axis.

Schwebebahn, on some more modern track Station Adlerbrücke

Inside Adlerbrücke Station

Engelshaus, now a museum, then the offices of Friedrich Engels father

Overall a nice day out. Would recommend.