Cycling trip

While the sun was shining we cycled to the Alte Schloss in Grevenbroich, another one from our list.

Slightly over 40km, mainly following the old trading route between Cologne and Venlo.

Location: Grevenbroich - Altes Schloss
Height: 52,3
Coordinates: 51,09 - 6,59

Cycling trip along the Wupper

Industrial remains, river banks, half timbered houses, gastronomy (closed due to COVID), up and down, obstacles, cherry trees and a bridge. Also a lot of hills.

Location: Müngstener Brücke
Height: 104,9
Coordinates: 51,16 - 7,13

No 20.2021 #sourdough return of the rise

Very Cool

Internal Combustion Engine – Bartosz Ciechanowski

Cycling Trip to Cherry Blossoms and Lilac

Bonner Münster, Südstadt, Kessenich, Konrad Adenauer Brücke, Limperich, Beuel, Schwarzrheindorf, Mondorf, Fähre Mondorf, Graurheindorf, Nordstadt, Bonner Münster

Very nice trip, mostly sunny

No 19.2021 #sourdough this time the rise didn’t come

Yesterday’s hike in the Schwalm valley

No 17.2021 #sourdough

Railroad Track Cycling No 2

Another leg of the same track we took earlier this week.

NW 1.02a Viersen-Dülken – Schwalmtal-Waldniel – Brüggen

Glorious sunshine, the wind was still fairly cold. The track followed the river Schwalm. Green meadows, small towns. A pleasure.

Railroad Track Cycling

Over the last two years we discovered the joy of converted railway lines. Yesterday we went from Kaldenkirchen to Kempen, one leg of the BahnRadweg Kreis Viersen, and back again. N1.02.

The weather was great, the route scenic, typical Niederrhein, and Kempen seems quite a nice town to visit post pandemic.

The farm where we buy seasonal stuff is preparing this years oil. Great in a #pesto with parsley, garlic, hazelnut and pecorino.

No 16.2021 #sourdough


Nice cycling trip. We crossed the Rhine with the ferry at Langel and returned to our bank via the Leverkusen bridge. Nice views over the river.

At St Amandus on the way back we had some Tee from the thermos.

Great weather during the first halve of the trip. Now grey in grey, though warmer than at the start of the week.

No 15.2021 #sourdough

No 14.2021 #sourdough

Daughter baked an „Osterzopf“

No 13.2021 from one side a bit tame

wild oven spring from the other side


Good (Friday) cycling tour

We cycled to Schloss Hülchrath today. Nice tour, but after 4 days of glorious sun today it was overcast and cold. But we took hot tea, so everything was fine.

Another one done from the list

Photo not from today

Lorry sign of the week: 50 Jahre Innovation in Kalbfleisch

It’s that time of the year again. Wild Garlic (Allium Ursinum) is spreading in the garden. To be made into pesto #BärlauchPesto #recipe.

100 g Parmesan 100 g Walnut Bunch of Wild Garlic Leaves Olive Oil to desired consistency Salt Black Pepper

No 12.2021 #sourdough - last time the cust was VERY crusty, so baked a bit shorter this time.

We took out the bikes. Glorious sun, spring having sprung. But it was COLD. Good to be cycling again, though.

No 11.2021 - #sourdough

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