No 10.2021 #sourdough - need to work on that rise, otherwise tasty

Dinner: Lemon risotto with prawns

This cloud makes me shiver

Sitting in the garden, getting some sun, reading a book …

And hike I did. Very nice in the sun, quite chilly in the shadow.

There’s a bit of a moral dilemma this morning. I’d like to take the bike for a spin. The sun is shining. But, still -3 C outside.


Cycling is no fun if you alternate sweating with freezing.

Compromise with a hike?

No 9.2021 #sourdough is quite different. The difference started with me grabbing the wrong organic wholemeal flour in the supermarket. Wheat instead of rye.

  • it is much easier to clean wheat starter off utensils
  • the rasise of the starter was the same
  • mixing the dough, basically no difference
  • kneading the dough, very different. My bread has 600 g of flour, of which 100 g are in the starter. With only 100 g of rye the dough remains liquidy. The whole wheat version comes together as a “ball”

Colour and texture of the crust were also different. But that might have been my impatience which shortened fermentation.

Taste is great though.


#sourdough has done its thing

sourdough starter

Focaccia - not a #sourdough, but pre-fermented over night in the fridge.


No 08.2021 #sourdough

No 7.2021 - a bit smaller rise, didn’t refresh last week, but very tasty #sourdough

Madness, same as yesterday, just in the north of #cologne instead of the south. Still the #rhine though

Nice, though bloody cold, walk #rhine #cologne

Some of the flood barriers still in place #rhine #cologne

Some #flowers

Liking the crumb of no 6.2021 #sourdough

No 6.2021 #sourdough


Late season nativity

One of our Christmas traditions has been to visit various churches in Cologne during Advent and the time to Candlemas to see the Nativities 1.

In years past this “hike” was augmented with a Weihnachtsmarkt visit and some Glühwein.

This year 2, of course, we didn’t.

Today, on a walk in one of the Veedel 3 we don’t normally visit, we went into a new-gothic church and found this fairly modern and somewhat naive nativity.

  1. A Rhineland tradition [return]
  2. Corona / COVID [return]
  3. City quarter [return]

Semi failed focaccia … tastes good though

No 5.2021

Another #sourdough

I let the dough ferment at about 35 C in the oven

3-4 cm fresh snow this morning

Update on No 3.2021.

Quite good crust and open crumb. The crust was quite a bit thinner than on the #sourdough, the crumb a lot softer.

Good loaf though.

First outing of the new #sourdough starter. No 4.2021

New #sourdough starter is active. It has done its thing and dough has been mixed.

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