Testing a new bread recipe

500 g spelt (1050) 375 g water (75%) 50 g lievito madre (10%) 10 g salt (2%)

My LM is made from dough held back before baking, here I’ll hold back 50 g before shaping the loaf and put it in the fridge.

12 h before making the dough I add 2 times the flour (100 g) and 1 times the water (50 g) to the held back old dough. In that time on the counter (around 20 C) it will about double.

Anyway, the dough has been mixed and will get some stretches and folds over the next 7 hours to be, hopefully, ready for shaping.

This schedule is a “scientific” hope. I’d like to eat the bread around 19:00, bake around 17:00, shape around 16:00. The dough got mixed at 08:00

Wish me luck.

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On the road

picture of an autobahn by night, fairly shaky

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Well risen

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The starter went very well. Dough with 75% hydration and 1 g of dried yeast on top of the 10% starter.

6 fairly crusty, dark bread rolls cooling on a rack. Improved cuts

exciting times

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Just refreshed my old dough (pate fermentee) for tomorrow’s bread rolls.

For years I’ve done it with 100% hydration (like a poolish) and this works very well. Give it a day on the counter top …

Today I went with 50% hydration (like a lievito madre).

Success, I think

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6 crusty rolls on a cooling rack, nice dark crust

Hope the taste will be excellent, upped the sourdough to 10%