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Some quick thoughts on Stage Manager on iPad OS 16

Jason Snell on Macworld explains the issue from the point of view of multi tasking and windowing on an iPad.

But for me, that misses a quite big point.

The implementatioin of Stage Manager includes the long awaited implementation of full second monitor support. Up until now a monitor connected to the iPad would only offer a letterboxed mirror of the iPad screen.

The Stage Manager, which I quite enjoyed, in the public beta, fully opened up that monitor as a real second screen, including the option to switch on / off the Stage Manager for that screen.

Perhaps I’m strange, probably, I thought the full screen support much more exciting than the multi tasking. Though I do have a two screen work set up, I mostly single task on a computer.

While it is, perhaps, understandable, that Stage Manager needs a M1 iPad, the full screen support should not.

And I thing it is somewhat strange, that the full screen support is not really mentioned in any of the reviews I read.

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