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Bread Rolls


340 g water (lukewarm) 15 g fresh yeast (or 5 g dry yeast) 10 g salt 455 g wheat flour (type 550)


Mix all the ingredients and leave covered to prove for two hours. Continue proving over night in the refrigerator.

Next morgen shape into 6 rolls and let prove on the baking sheet for an additional 30 minutes before placing in the oven, heated to 230° C.

Pour halve a cup of water on the bottom of the oven.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

6 bread rolls on a cooling rack

Update 2023-05-17

Reduced water to 315 g

Will report how it goes

Update 2023-05-18

At 70% hydration the rise was basically the same. Shaping was easier and the dough slightly less sticky.

Crumb as nice as before.

Will Go with 70% hydration for the next bakes.