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Bread Rolls

Todays #BreadRolls are coming along. 8 rolls (100g) this time. Previously I made 6 larger ones (130g) which seemed perfect for three people. But appetites differ.

Ready for shaping, dough still in a lidded bowl, work surface liberally floured, rack with baking paper waiting for the rolls in the background

8 rolls sitting on the rack to prove, flour on the work surface scraped into a heap, to go back into flour pot

8 rolls fresh from the oven, still on rack

still too hot

I’m willing them to cool down faster. Am curious what the addition of some of last weeks dough and a long (36h) fermentation in the fridge have done to the taste.

The rise is very good.

The crust is crusty, maybe a bit dark, the crumb is fine, the taste great, jay for old dough.

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