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Fava bean purée - a work in progress

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Since last year, or thereabouts, we have a bag of fave secce (dried broad beans) in the larder. While doing the week’s shopping I had the idea to purée them and mix them, cold, with herbs and a vinaigrette.

By dint of my not complete reading of the product description when ordering, the beans were not peeled before drying, which turns the leathery skin of the ripe bean kernel into carapace. Good for the shelve life, I guess.

So I watered about 700 g, I forgot to weigh them, beans over night.

Then peeling commenced, this was, mostly, easier than anticipated. Some of the drier beans were difficult, but the rest went easy.

The beans were then cooked in water, together with one quartered onion, 3 sprigs of rosemary and 2 fresh bay leaves.

After about an hour the beans were done. The water, the bay leaves and the rosemary stalks, were discarded and then I let them steam off, while I made a lemongraitte.

First the peel of two lemons was grated and then mixed with salt, Dijon mustard, the juice and the olive oil into a very sharply lemony vinaigrette.

Beans and vinaigrette were mixed and puréed.

Now I’m waiting for the purée to cool before mixing in a bunch each of flat-leaf parsley, dill and chives.

First impression - tasty, but VERY lemony (from the peel)

Now the herbs have been added and the purée has cooled it is still lemony, but it went from VERY lemony to lemony, GREAT.