Used Haiku

24/04/23: A haiku a day
is not an easy habit
to maintain I find

23/04/23: A breadroll morning
satisfaction and good taste
and a great coffee

22/04/23: Feeling really strange
aware of nearing pension
immortal teen

21/04/23: Sudden rain in the
morning changes the mood and
should water the soul

20/04/23: Due work progresses
all friction not withstanding
inching towards stop

19/04/23: Project managers
are super therapists
waiting for a fact

18/04/23: The centigrades
are dancing, coming, going,
no boring weather

17/04/23: Off to work I went
refreshed, renewed, recycled,
off we go again

16/04/23: A vacation by
definition is too short
and work is too long

15/04/23: Here straggly heather
there juniper and ibex stand
cloud studded heaven

14/04/23: Wind bent pines and beech
rooted in heath and heather
copses of birch gleaming

14/04/23: Crooked streets go
from river to market square
old brick holds the sky

12/04/23: Rain and sun and wind
a medieval modern town
red brick and arches

11/04/23: River meanders
glistening in the sunshine
trees are blossoming

10/04/23: A river of cars
pouring north where we are going

9/04/23: The queue ran empty
so I filled it again
I need to write more

9/04/23: Crusty breakfast roll
so humble and majestic
tasty, nourishing

8/04/23: When the weekend looms
and the sun checks the horizon
keep the mind cheerful

6/04/23: Warm sun, blossoms show
winter fading memory
bright evenings will come

5/04/23: ‘twas a good idea
to make dinner for myself
before I got hangry

4/04/23: Best day of the year
for turning sun into some

3/04/23: Aprils weather does
disgust, delight, but never
bore. Garden awaits

2/04/23: Drizzle and drizzle
and droplets on my glasses
what a boring sight

2/04/23: My electric sheep
does not like the rain and thus
the grass remains long

1/04/23: Gin and tonic glass
glistening condensation
it’s Feierabend

31/03/23: Socks on my left foot
do more often have a hole
I’m so curious why

30/03/23: A haiku a day
does not, in fact, keep the doc
away, pity that

29/03/23: Snow blooms today as
blossoms would spring and winter
dance the seasons change

28/03/23: Cooking with good friends
eating, talking, drinking too
that is a nice day

27/03/23: A low haiku stack
fuels productive tinkering
with word and picture

26/03/23: A sorbets icy
charms, tart and fruity, frozen
cools the worlds demands

25/03/23: An early April
sun, rain, wind, rain, sun, rain, wind,
weather’s having fun

25/03/23: When at evening
the sun shines again warmly
warming more than skin

24/03/23: Young shoots bring pollen
spring seems in the air today
sneezes in season

22/03/23: Morning bells ringing
coffee drinking sitting quiet
contemplating sleep

21/03/23: Grey sky wtihout cloud
even light without shadow
I miss the contrasts

20/03/23: Time flies, when you are
having fun, they say, oh my,
getting old seems fun?

19/03/23: Morning coffee taste
bright, bitter, milky, coffee
switch on brain, again

19/03/23: When spring sun shines
when alder and hazel fly
sneezing wakes me up

18/03/23: Young man is your kid
doesn’t follow expectations
calm down dad, normal

17/03/23: Ev’ning snow flakes
landing wetly grossly on
my evening shopping run

16/03/23: Dancing letters show
on glass in word and picture
the world behind us

15/03/23: Raining afternoon
draws a veil across the world
allowing dreams to rise

14/03/23: Raining afternoon
flees slowly towards the evening
where g&t awaits me