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Spelt sourdough update

While the bread went through 40+ iterations I didn’t update the recipe.

My bread idea has always been a „Hausbrot“, a tasty, no-faff bread that can be integrated into the week with minimum hazzle. The spelt came into it because of the taste and because it is a historical grain in my area.

There is definitely room for improvement, but I’m quite happy with my bread as is.

Room for improvement

  • the crust breaks at the edge where the rise goes over the top of the tin, not where I cut it
  • the rise is not quite „rapid“ enough
  • the pores in the crumb are still quite regular


200 g wholemeal spelt sourdough 1: (100/100) 500 g spelt flour (630 or 1050, depending on mood) 240 g water 12 g salt

Mix and knead in the stand mixer for 10 minutes. Form round and let ferment for three to four hours. Form long and put into the olive oiled tin, let rise for another hour or so. Bake at 250 C for 30 mins and at 180 C for another 30 mins.

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  1. About 50 g of starter lives in the fridge. I take it out the evening before baking and add 100 g of wholemeal spelt flour and 100 g of lukewarm water, mix well and leave to ferment on the counter. In the morning it is foamy and bubbly, ready for the dough. ↩︎