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LVR Freilichtmuseum Kommern

K2 and I took a day trip to the Freilichtmuseum in Kommen to catch up and take some photos. The museum is grouped into regions within the Rhineland and shows rebuild old houses, farms, workshops, barns, windmills, arranged in village patterns. Niederrhein, Eifel, Westerwald, Mittelrhein, …

It’s a quick drive on the autobahn from Cologne and we managed to be well on the way home before the thunderstorms and heavy rains from the weather warning struck.

Below some of the photos to convey a feel of the museum.

Fachwerk facade (half-timbered)

View of an old farm yard

On some building volunteer reenactors are at hand to explain, here the vegetable garden

View through the gatehouse to the halve timbered farm

Old thatched farm with two Ardenner (cold blooded horses)

View from the garden of a 19th century factory owners house

Food and drink are available at various places, including their traditionally baked breads and cakes. We also saw an exhibition on the history of the Rheinland where you walk through an indoor historama in the form of a Rhenish town from the Napoleonic wars to the reconstruction after WW2. Another exhibition looked at kitchen machinery, ranges and the like, and still another one looked at the history of Bakelite

The last time we were here K2 was maybe, we couldn’t quite figure it out, ten. In any case, it has been a while.