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They keep rolling

Leaving aside my forgetting for the second week in a row to put steam into the oven, the #BreadRolls keep getting better.

Hydration reduced to 65%, 28% old dough (sourdough), 2% salt, 1% dry yeast.

Fermented overnight in the fridge.

Oven heated to 250C + and held there for 30 minutes to heat through the pizza steel. Put rolls into the oven, directly above the steel, reduced temperature to 220C and baked for 30 minutes.

6 dough balls proofing on a rack, raising to the occasion

6 nice bread rolls, lightly floured

2 bread rolls, cut open, to reveal their holey crumb

I reduced the weight per roll to 80g, will go to 100g next time, too much crust for too little crumb.

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