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Bread Rolls - recipe as of October '23

For 6 rolls (100 g each)

343 g flour (Typ 550)
257 g water (75% hydration)
7 g salt
17 g sourdough

Minimum 12 hours before mixing take held over dough out of fridge and refresh with 30 g each of flour and water, let ferment on countertop until needed (at least 10 hours)

Mix, let proof in fridge over night.

Weigh the dough and put anything above 600 g into a jam jar into fridge until next bake.

Portion and form dough cold and place on baking parchment on a perforated baking tray.

Heat oven with pizza steel to 250C.

After about an hour cut the rolls, place baking tray directly above pizza steel. Put water into oven. Reduce oven setting to 230C.

Bake for 10 minutes, let steam escape, reduce oven setting to 200 C and bake for another 15 minutes.

Let rolls cool on cooling rack.


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