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Saturday trip

The months of May/June bring a pleasingly high concentration of public holidays. We are starting the long Pfingstwochenende with a visit to Spectaculum

I’ve been there a few times since I started working in Boppard. Kids loved it. Shot some nice photos.

Nowadays, of course, they’re to grownup (23 & 26)

So the parents are going alone.

Just looked at some of the pictures from the last visit, it was more than a decade ago

This year seems a lot less lively, but it is the first one since 2018. Fewer stands, fewer participants, fewer visitors. But still good.

Medieval fair, sunny day

Live music on stage, German bagpipes, lute, harp, Schl├╝sselfiedel

Pork products and some (vegan) veggies for lunch

Medieval tand, does it need to be busier

Washer women

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