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A trip to the Hohe Venn, Hautes Fagnes

Hautes Fagnes

As ever the Hohe Venn is a cool trip, easy and fast to reach from Cologne.

This time we were staying in Eupen. Which, apart from being a very nice town, is also a bit of a surreal experience. The architecture is an odd mix of the Wallonian with Gr├╝nderzeit. Culturally Rhenian / Wallonian, there is eg Karneval, signage is German/French, beers are Belgian and German. The language comfortingly Ripuarian (or, of course, many (most) are also comfortable in French).

Eupen city center, blue sky, street cafe with umbrellas in the shade of the evening sun

Another street cafe in Eupen, church in the background

We spent three days, with short lazy hikes starting at the Signal de Botrange, Mont Rigi and Baraque Michel

Road leading to the Signal de Botrange in the Hautes Fagnes-Eifel / Hohen Venn

View of the fen

Path through the fen

Passed through Monschau on the way back. Monschau had been our quarters on previous trips.

10/10, will go again

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